Meet the Team!

Bro. Matt’s passion is seeing God’s Word change lives. His preaching is biblical, practical and Christ-centered.  Matthew and his wife Chelsey have five children: Melody Joy, Matthew Jr., Timothy, Evelynn Grace and Andrew — and one precious baby in heaven — Charissa Lynn.

Mrs. Barber and the kids have put together an exciting children’s program that they can provide during each preaching service, including: puppets, songs, games and an exciting Bible lesson. The Barbers sing as a family and can provide instrumental specials as well. The Lord has provided a travel trailer that enables them to travel together and serve the Lord as a family.

Matthew had the privilege of growing up in a pastor’s home.  From an early age he learned of his need of salvation and as a child of seven he placed his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Matt felt God’s call upon his life and surrendered to the Gospel ministry as a teenager.  After graduating from Bible college with a degree in Bible and pastoral leadership, Matt married his wife Chelsey, whom he had known since high school. Matthew then served as pastor of Woodridge Baptist Church for the next 13 years. In 2021 Matthew responded to God’s call upon his life to become an evangelist.

Bro. Barber has a deep foundation in fundamental, independent Baptist doctrine and distinctives, uses only the King James Version, and enjoys conservative, soul-stirring music without the beat and sound of the world.

He loves reading, playing the trombone and guitar, creating, but most of all spending time with his wife and kids.

Chelsey grew up in a godly home and trusted Christ as her Savior at age five. She remembers struggling with assurance of salvation as a teenager and seeking the Lord earnestly about it. God showed her the simplicity of trusting the promises of God, and peace came when she realized she could simply rest in His unchanging Word. She continues to rest in God’s faithfulness as she lives for Him. Chelsey is a busy mother of five children and somehow finds the time to keep house, homeschool, and minister alongside her husband. She loves working with children and helping ladies grow in Christ.  She is a talented musician, loves to cook, but enjoys being a mother more than anything!

Melody Joy trusted Christ as her Savior when she was three and a half years old. Though she was young, she fully understood and was very earnest about her desire to be saved. She truly loves the Lord and is a good example to her brothers and sisters. She plays the violin and piano, and loves to play with her sister Evelynn and our dog, Texas.

Matthew Jr. received the Lord in 2015 after God called baby Charissa home to heaven. Matthew began to understand the reality of heaven and his need to be saved. He trusted Christ at the kitchen table one Sunday afternoon and has been growing in the Lord ever since. He is an outspoken witness, enjoys creating things and loves to play with his brothers–and Texas!

Timothy also trusted Christ as a young child. He was very inquisitive about heaven and hell, and one day asked his parents how to be saved. He trusted Christ at the living room sofa. He loves the Lord and loves to work hard and be a helper–and play with Texas!

Evelynn Grace trusted Christ as her savior on Election Day in 2020. She had been asking a lot of questions about being saved, and that morning she asked Christ to be her Savior. She is a joyful little Christian and loves to play dollies and dress up with her big sister and chase around her dog, Texas.

Andrew is a sweet blessing and loves his brothers and sisters very much. He is learning to obey Mommy and Daddy and already loves Jesus very much. He loves to play cars and trains and give Texas big hugs.

Texas, our little Sheltie puppy