A Quiet Revival

I want a quiet revival:
No news headlines or big fanfare,
     No electricity in the air,
No man or church receives the glory,
     No biographer to write the story.
Just quiet miracles of grace –
     A softened heart, a radiant face,
A step of faith no one will see,
     The joy of a sinner now set free.
God’s love flows from heart to heart
     And lives are given a brand-new start.

A quiet revival steady and strong
     Where ransomed souls break out in song,
The church is filled – each pew and chair –
     With folks who know that Christ is there.
God’s Word is preached, the Spirit stirs,
     No mighty rushing wind occurs,
But humble Christians bow in prayer,
     And stubborn hearts are conquered there.

A quiet revival, for this I plead,
     Where grace transforms a home in need.
Dads begin each day in prayer
     And guide their homes with tender care,
Mothers seek to know God’s Word
     And implement the truths they’ve heard.
Children learn to fear the Lord
     And dwell together in sweet accord.
As Christ is all to man and wife,
     Marriages come back to life.

Revival quietly will spread
     To hearts and homes that once were dead,
And one by one, as homes revive,
     The churches, too, become alive.
No stadium or conference hall,
     No big-name preacher or national call.
Just people finding Jesus lives!
     Receiving the help the Bible gives.
Learning to pray and boldly share
     The simple Gospel everywhere.

Churches growing, establishing more,
     Giving to missions like never before.
Standing for right, repenting of sin,
     Patiently seeking a loved one to win.
This is revival. It needn’t be loud.
     It won’t necessarily draw a big crowd.
But little by little, by God’s mighty hand,
     A quiet revival could cover the land.

When God sends revival down like a flood
     It’s oft marred by chaos and paid for in blood.
A fair price no doubt for the souls that are saved,
     But many backslide and again are enslaved.
In a quiet revival, the churches keep pace
     And teach young believers of growing in grace.
Christians established and churches made strong
     Give God much glory as they praise Him in song.

So, Lord, send revival! Your mercy we plead.
     Send a revival! You know what we need.

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