The High Ground

Grace and Law prepared for war
Sharpened the weapons they’d used before.
With Scripture, logic and force of will
They’d fight to claim a rugged hill.

“The high ground must be ours!” they said,
“No matter how much blood is shed.”
Then up from their trenches both sides ran
Atop the hill clashing man to man.

Law said, “Grace, go rest at ease
You think you can do whatever you please.
A lame excuse for lawlessness,
Your wickedness God cannot bless.”

Grace fought back, “You hypocrite!
Faith in works won’t work one bit!
God sees your heart, God looks inside.
He knows the rotten things you hide.
God’s not impressed with your haughty face.
You can’t earn God’s amazing grace!”

Law said, “The Spirit helps me to obey.
I trust God’s commands and do what they say.”

Grace said, “The Spirit leads me differently.
He soothes, forgives and comforts me.”

Law asks, “Will the Spirit lead against His Word?
Such self-deception I’ve never heard!”

Grace responds, “He leads me in Christ’s law of love
Which fulfills the Law and far above.
And patiently He takes my hand
and leads me through the Promised Land.”

Law said, “The Spirit is Holy, don’t you know?
But by your life it doesn’t show.
Like Lot you love this world of sin.
You ditched your tent and now you’re in.
I wonder if you’re even saved.
You couldn’t tell by how Lot behaved.”

Said Grace, “‘Judge not, lest ye be judged!’
Some laws you’ve broken, some rules you’ve fudged.
If by the law you live or die
Then you can kiss salvation goodby!
The humble sinner Christ came to save.
The law condemns you beyond the grave!”

With bloody swords and weary feet
Both sides made another retreat.
But atop that hill of blood and loss
There stood a lone forgotten Cross.forgotten cross

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